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Winstrol Cycle
With Winstrol being a DHT-derivative, it completely negates all of the potential Estrogenic effects such as water retention and bloating, which tend to give the user a soft puffy look to the physique, which is generally undesirable for most people. It has been mentioned that Winstrol tends to find its right place in lean mass cycles and cutting cycles where water retention and bloating is a concern. Winstrol’s cumulative properties and characteristics allow it to be an impressive adjunct to a solid base compound, such as Testosterone or most any other compounds that may be stacked with it in a Winstrol cycle. The majority of anabolic steroid users tend to avoid Winstrol in all-out bulking cycles where water retention and bloating is not a concern, but it does have enough versatility to indeed be utilized in bulking cycles. Although that is not where Winstrol’s true potential lays, it does work. However, there are plenty of other compounds that are far more effective for such a purpose on a milligram for milligram basis when compared to this compound. Instead, individuals should be far more apt to save Winstrol cycles for periods of fat loss, cutting, maintenance, or even lean mass cycles where moderate lean muscle gains are desired with the utmost minimal of water retention and fat gain/retention.

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