DEPOT CYP 250 (Test cyp)

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Active substance: Testosterone Cypionate

Common names: Testosterone C, Depo-Testosterone, test c, test cyp.

Testosterone Cypionate Genetic and other steroid analogs are often used by bodybuilders and athletes. The main goal of this steroid use is to improve the body's look and strength. This steroid claims to boost energy and provide aggression. This characteristic of Test Cypionate is making it be mainly used by weightlifters and professional wrestlers. Also, this steroid promises to enhance the possibility to highly intensify the levels of the performed activity.

Testosterone is a medium anabolic steroid and a strong androgenic agent. Because this steroid is administered by injection, its effects are noticeable after a long time. Usually, at least 3-4 weeks are needed to see visible results. In comparison to the oral version of testosterone, the injectable version lasts longer in the body, the results are better and easier to be maintained.


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