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New Package Taitropin HGH

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Products description:New Package Taitropin HGH® 100iu/kit,10iu/vial,10vial/kit.

Detailed Product Description

Restful sleep Taitropin HGH , improve the sensitivity of peripheral

Quick Detail:

 Generic name: Recombinant Human Interferon alpha 2b for injection

Trade name: Taitropin®


 Different organs of the body can fight aging, elimination of sub-health status, providing the body the energy of youth organ recovery chain, to improve the sensitivity of peripheral and central nervous system cell viability, inhibit the body's organs aging.Substantial increase in bone density,Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure.Yellowish or white loose powder, when dissolved with water for injection, the reconstituted solution should be clear, transparent and has no insoluble substance visible to naked eyes..


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