PROP 100(Testosterone Propionate)

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Each ml of the drug contains 100 mg Testosterone Propionate

Pharmacological classification:

ATC: A14AB01

Medicinal Actions:

Testosterone is the main androgen hormone combined and also released by the testicles. It is in charge of progression of men sexual intercourse organs and also extra sex qualities (readiness regarding prostate-related, seminal vesicles, penis as well as scrotum), man head of curly tresses distribution (encounter, pubic bone, upper body) building laryngeal muscle tissue and the body extra weight syndication. Contain the N, sodium, blood potassium and phosphorus, increases protein constructive metabolism and reduce catabolism. Rapid improve plasma concentrations regarding androgen hormone or the male growth hormone in prepubertal causes stunted progress as well as epiphyseal closure. Induces manufacture of glycoprotein and also erythrocytes. With the suggestions, the device inhibits pituitary LH and hair follicles and causes reductions associated with spermatogenesis.

The difference between propionate and other testosterone esters (cypionate, enanthate) is the period of impact. Testosterone propionate is much faster acting than an androgenic hormone or testosterone cypionate, enanthate and requires a much more frequent serving, to be able to sustain steady blood ranges. That is one of the main drawbacks of propionate, compared with its more lasting alternatives.

One more feature of the medicine lies in the truth that when effectively chosen doses at most athletes do not retain water in your body that symptoms tend to be small. Therefore, androgen hormone or the male growth hormone propionate doesn't cause a sharp rise in weight of 10-15 kilo for a few days, employing the same enanthate, however, gathered in making use of propionate muscles could be more dried up and more qualitative. Striking in your body is actually quickly absorbed into the particular bloodstream, therefore the function regarding propionate you are able to feel following the 1st injection. And merely because rapidly eradicated.


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