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PT-141 Bremelanotide Nasal Spray

  • 1605
  • 1kit
  • China
  • 4-7day
  • $110
  • $90 / kit


2-5kit  $85/kit 

Products description:PT-141 Bremelanotide Nasal Spray 10mg/vial, 10vial/kit.

PT-141(Bremelanotide)is the first of a new class of drugs called melanocortin agonists being developed to treat sexual dysfunction. The mechanism of action of PT-141 (Bremelanotide)may offer significant safety and efficacy benefits over currently available products because it acts on the pathway that controls sexual function without acting directly on the vascular system.You can buy bremelanotide nasal spray at XinLong BioTech CO.,Ltd.

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