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Active substance: Testosterone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, Testosterone Decanoate

Common names: Sustanon, Estandron, Omnadren, Sustamed, Super-Test, Susterone, Pentadex

Sustanon 250 Maha is one of the most well-known testosterone mixtures. While most testosterone mixes are single ester compounds, Sustanon is made of four different esters, four diverse testosterone compounds combined into one. Sustanon is able to make the user achieve different aims, as written lower.

Bulking: with supplementation and proper calorie intake, the user will be able to obtain more lean mass as well as strength improvement. And there's more, due to its metabolic intensified properties of testosterone, the user will be able to obtain those with a diminished body-fat accumulation that commonly accompanies mass building phases.

Cutting: when it comes to the cutting phase, receiving external testosterone can be essential to a good plan accomplishment. By using Sustanon, you will be sure you preserve as much lean tissue as possible while calorie intake is reduced.

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