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Is Your Body-Building HGH the Right Stuff ?
Time: Dec 27, 2021

Now that synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has increased in popularity, especially for body-builders, some companies are taking advantage of the trend by manufacturing lower-grade, or even fake injectable HGH.


And how is that happening- exactly?

Human Growth hormone is exceedingly complex. HGH naturally produced by humans has 191 amino acids. There are companies who produce this “real” HGH, but due to its complexity, the price is very high. Consequently, what is known as 192 “generic” HGH is produced and offered at a significantly lower cost. One side-effect is that the body sometimes sees this extra molecule as an “alien” invader and manufactures antibodies to eliminate the threat, thus diminishing the effectiveness of the HGH. Some body builders report large unsightly welts or rashes developing after using 192 HGH, generally near the injection site.


Unfortunately, drug manufacturers, especially some from overseas, will make claims that they have “real” HGH, and short of laboratory analysis there is no absolute way to tell. But if you don’t want to risk the allergic reactions there is a cheap way to tell if you have the fake. Oddly enough, if you’re a male, it involves a pregnancy test kit. Here’s why: A lot of the generic, fake HGH is actually HCG, a hormone produced during pregnancy. Thus if you’re female and the test shows up positive, the HCG hormone in your body generally indicates a pregnancy. On the other hand, if you’re a male and you’re wondering about the legitimacy of the “HGH” that you’ve been taking, do the test. If it shows you’re “pregnant”, then you’ve got fake HGH.

If the pregnancy test comes out negative, and you’re using an HGH product that you paid a fair price for and seems to be otherwise legitimate, then you likely have the real thing, particularly if you’re not suffering side-effects. Some body-builders are looking for more “natural” ways to enhance performance and are exploring the use of amino acid supplements- the same ones that make up the Human Growth Hormone Online that the body produces naturally.


It’s generally agreed that the best ones are:

Arginine – a prime mover in the production of natural GH

Ornithine- works in tandem with Arginine, which is why they should always be taken together.

Glutamine- which preserves the use of Arginine

There are a few others as well, but those are the big three that research shows to have the biggest impact. A number of companies make products with those ingredients. Just be sure and read the label.


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